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What is Technical SEO for Better Search Experience?

A successful SEO strategy means your website must be technically sound. No matter how much good content and perfectly optimized Meta tags you have on your website, you have low chances of ranking higher if the search engine cannot crawl all of your web pages, index content available on your website, or comprehend how it all fits together. 

Technical search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the website and server optimizations so that search engines can readily crawl, index, and render it. Most marketers and business entrepreneurs leverage technical SEO services to increase their website’s chances to rank well on the search engine results pages (SERPs). 

As a technical SEO agency, we don’t just tick off a checklist of technical SEO strategies. We understand that technical SEO is all about applying best practices in a manner that works for your platform, CMS, and business objectives. Whilst there are best-defined practices and standards to maintain in specific areas, there is no one size fits all approach. Therefore, we build bespoke strategies with a strong emphasis placed on technical elements.

No matter what technology you use, we can pretty much guarantee that we are the technical SEO Company to optimize it for search engines, helping you improve organic search performance, leads, and conversions.

Importance of Technical SEO

By applying technical SEO strategies, you can help search engines like Google to crawl, index, interpret and access your websites with the page structure and base code. The main focus of performing a technical SEO on your website is to optimize its infrastructure.

The essential elements of technical SEO include:
Site Architecture

Proper website architecture is the main highlight of XML sitemaps and breadcrumbs that guides search engine crawlers to index your web pages.

Website speed

According to a study, “Approx. 53% of visitors leave a website having page load time more than three seconds”. A fast load time has always been an important factor of user experience that helps you to boost your rankings in the search engine result pages (SERP).


Mobile-friendly designs look incredible and are justifiable on small screens. Mobile browsing is getting continuous growth in popularity as there is a very high rise in people using internet surfing on their devices.

Hiring a technical SEO company like our Handtechnosoft, a SEO Company that is skilled in technical search engine optimization can essentially grasp these larger issues, and help you increase your website’s rank higher in search engines and gain more organic traffic.

Benefits of Technical SEO optimization


Unfortunately, most websites are not tested to ensure that they are search engine friendly by the people that build them. Fundamental mistakes are often made, which could appear to be little, but over time these mistakes complex and debilitate a website’s performance in search engines.

Investing in effective technical SEO is making the right technical decisions over time which optimize a website and maximize its potential for search engine visibility. These decisions add up over time and provide you with a profitable increase in organic traffic and therefore conversions.

Technical SEO

Some of the major advantages of performing technical SEO on websites are:

  • It offers faster web page loading
  • It examines backlinks to boost rankings and uses internal linking structures to promote web pages
  • It helps to improve website positions and averts duplicate contents
  • It helps search engine robots in easy crawling
  • A website with strong technical SEO will not have any dead link
  • A technically sound website is secure and holds structured data
  • Technical SEO can deliver XML sitemaps for an easy access

Our Technical SEO Services

Our technical SEO agency offers a variety of technical SEO services that help to improve the organic search visibility of your website.

Technical SEO Consultancy

Whether you need guidance on why there are indexing issues or just need a technical expert to help troubleshoot a problem, our team can provide the support you need.

Website SEO Audit & Analysis

Having years of experience in auditing websites, our SEO experts will review your site using our technical SEO framework to find any technical issues which could be holding back your website.

Website Migrations

Without proper planning or the right experts working on a website, migration could impact your organic search performance. Your migration must be scoped correctly to allow for sufficient risk monitoring and mitigation.

Server Log File Analysis

Server log files are a kind of file that records when a search engine crawler has visited your website. They keep information on what resources search engine crawlers often access and assist with recognizing issues within a website – which could delay search engine crawling and indexing.

Website Architecture & Structure Review

The information architecture of a website is essential to get success in organic search. A good website structure helps optimize not only search engines but also the user experience.

Content Evaluation

This involves checking for any duplicate content available on your website which may cause dropped rankings, as well as looking for thin content that has no value either for users or search engines, and content that doesn’t fulfill search intent.

So now you know what is included in a technical SEO audit and analysis services. It is time to get the professionals in to check how your website is performing in the search engines and to identify areas for improvement. Here at Hamdtechnosoft, we offer a full website audit service to discover the reasons behind the lack of search engine visibility of your website. Acting on the results of these audits, it becomes possible for us to turn a corner and finally start to see positive results, including boosted online visibility and increased inquiries and sales.

Why choose HAND Technosoft for your Technical SEO Agency?

At HAND Technosoft, we are a team of technical experts adopting the most stringent practices to ensure none of the technical SEO aspects remain untouched. We provide a very high-quality SEO services that is not outsourced but performed in-house. Your work is done by our in-house Search Engine Optimization Professionals who will take the utmost care in marketing to your target audience correctly. You would be assigned a single project manager specially dedicated to your project to keep your business goals aligned with our strategies. Our job is to provide you with the best: bring you more customers, visitors, prospects, clicks, branding, exposure, and leads.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between on-page SEO and technical SEO?

Technical SEO is any work towards improving off-page SEO. This means checking URLs, alt image text, and custom error pages. On-page SEO refers to performing SEO strategies on your website content in terms of keywords, length, and ensuring that it is quality-focused. Our SEO team is a team of technical SEO experts that can help you improve both your technical SEO and on-page SEO.

Who needs Technical SEO optimization?

You might have superb content and marketing but, if your site is affected by technical flaws that hinder search engines, your SEO performance will suffer as Google will not rank your web pages. Technical SEO ensures that all technical elements of your website are optimized to ensure your website is performing at its full potential and gains maximum visibility in search results to help you stand ahead against your competitors in the industry.

Is it necessary to take technical SEO services?

Investing in technical SEO services and creating a strong technical foundation for your website is essential for any brand that wants to show up for more keywords. It will go a long way in satisfying and delighting your users by offering them a better web experience.

How complicated is technical SEO?

The SEO fundamentals aren’t very difficult to master, but technical SEO can be complex and a little tough to understand. But you do not need to worry, speak to a technical SEO specialist who can provide a full, hands-off Technical SEO audit and services to their clients.