What Is Social Media Advertising?

Social media advertising is an important aspect of digital marketing in which you pay social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to display your content to targeted audiences. The content could include text, images, videos, GIFs, or a combination of all. Examples of social media ads include display ads on Facebook, sponsored posts on Instagram, and promoted tweets. Doing this not only shows that your company is active, but also maintains your reputation, helps to increase sales, and improves your ability to engage and interact with your dedicated customers.

How to Drive Greater Results with Paid Social Media?

As your full-service social media advertising agency partner, HAND Technosoft brings you the latest social media trends, strategies, and winning advice to you. We help you build a strong competitive advantage for your social media marketing efforts by embracing paid media, owned media, and earned media. While offering you Social Media Advertising services, we ensure that each of the posts we share on your social media pages is optimized to reach a wide audience so you get the most out of your advertising campaign.

Difference Between Social Media Advertising and Social Media Marketing

Social media advertising and social media marketing are not an either-or proposition. A strong social media strategy will include both paid and unpaid components. This makes sense, as both terms serve different purposes. 

Social media advertising services help you to reach a great pool of audiences quickly. Social platforms allow you to identify the appropriate audience for your business, and you can select people based on certain demographics (location, age, gender, income), so the platform can identify audience and market to those who are quite similar to your existing customer base.

On the other hand, social media marketing is a great choice for nurturing your existing relationships with your customers. By posting meaningful content regularly, you become a go-to choice for your fans that have questions about issues or trends in your field. Doing this makes you build trust over time and you always remain at the top of the mind of your followers.

Whether through organic outreach or paid efforts, social media always remains an incredible resource for getting seen by consumers. Our social media management strategies are constantly evolving and with a blend of social advertising and social media marketing, we help you to keep your existing customers happy and grow your network to engage new, significant audiences.

Why Social Media Advertising is a Great Investment for any Business?

It is important to use platforms that are commonly used by your customers so that you can reach your targeted audience at a more effective rate. Nothing can be better than these social media networks where most of the users spend a large chunk of their time during the entire day and night. Bringing your business on social media networks can help you create some major leads by showcasing your brand to the right customer at the right time.


Here are 10 reasons that define why social media advertising services is a great investment for your business:

Create Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is one of the most vital marketing goals for any business. Social media allows you to get your brand in front of people much more quickly and easily and make your brand familiar to people. Furthermore, it captures your audience’s attention even when they aren’t thinking about it.

Increase Sales

It has been seen that social media has a higher lead-to-close rate than any other form of digital marketing. With more visibility on social media, your company gets more opportunities for converting potential customers into actual customers. 

Higher conversion rate

Putting your brand in an environment where people are sharing, liking, and talking about any product or brand can help you convert your visitors. Every blog post, image, video, or remark has the potential to gain traffic to your website and this high traffic or visibility creates more conversion opportunities.

Cost-effective Advertising

Social media marketing may be the most cost-effective component of an advertising strategy. Almost all social media platforms allow you to sign up and create a profile for free, and any paid promotions you decide to invest in are inexpensive in comparison to other marketing tactics. 

Helps you get Marketplace insights

One of the most important benefits of social media is gaining marketplace insight. Is there a better way to know what your customers think about your brand or what they need than by directly talking to them? Being active on Social Media allows you to know customers’ interests and opinions that you might not otherwise be aware of.

Improve Brand Loyalty

Creating a loyal customer base is one of the primary goals of almost all businesses. Social media isn’t useful for introducing new products and promotional campaigns for your company. Customers consider these platforms as a service channel through which they can have a direct conversation with the company. 

Social Media Advertising Platforms:

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Twitter Advertising

With nearly 336 million active users and over 500 million posts every day, Twitter is a social media giant that continues to evolve with every passing second. Mostly used by celebrities to update the public about their personal lives, this is also a great platform for businesses to connect with their clients. Our Twitter advertising services are professionally designed which mainly include real-time account monitoring, content creation, audience growth, and reporting. There are constantly new tips and strategies with Twitter and trying to regularly keep up with them while running a successful business can be a big headache. Our Twitter marketing specialists will make sure your campaign is using the most effective tactics to grow your business.

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Facebook Advertising

Today with almost 2 billion active users, Facebook is one of the largest media platforms to increase brand awareness, generate traffic to your website or landing page, and drive sales or conversion rates. And what makes Facebook advertising a great option is that aside from creating a page for your brand on Facebook it also allows you to create Facebook Ads. These ads can work as fuel to your website with qualified traffic and more conversions. Our Facebook advertising experts will take care of all your campaign and will create high-resolution images, and graphics and will also write unique ad copy that will drive the most results.

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LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is full of business professionals who want to advance their business or career aspirations. With over 50% of LinkedIn users having a college degree; LinkedIn can make your business reach a more educated audience. Due to the professional nature of LinkedIn, your ads will likely reach decision-makers and high-level executives and also will be taken more seriously. Our social media advertising agency knows all the tips and tricks to help get your business the best results. Whether your goal is to increase awareness or brand visibility or to drive more website traffic and leads, our highly experienced professionals will watch over your campaigns and use the best tools to meet your goals.

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Instagram Advertising

Instagram has billions of active users on its platform and it is increasing over time. With an ad recall 2.8x higher than other platforms, it is one of the best places to advertise your business. Placing ads on big platforms like Instagram will help more customers notice your business which means more consumers will click on your content, which ultimately can turn into conversions. At HAND Technosoft, we know the right Instagram advertising plan is exactly what your business needs to achieve growth and that’s why we’re ready to help you get it. We understand that how you spend your ad dollars matters and therefore, we plan your ads to fit perfectly within your budget while still ensuring that they produce results.

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Pinterest Advertising

As per a survey, over 61% of Pinterest users admit to purchasing from brands on Pinterest. If you own a local online business and looking to target individuals with high income, Pinterest may be the best choice for you. Same as Google, Pinterest offers a search feature that allows users to search for content that they want to see. Advertising on Pinterest allows your businesses to promote to people who are searching for specific products that you sell. Our social media advertising company helps you advertise on Pinterest which includes copywriting, creativity, and ad optimization. Our Pinterest marketing professionals are skilled in launching campaigns, analyzing the performance data, and making data-driven decisions to improve your results.

Why Choose Us For The Best Social Media Advertising Agency?

At  HAND Technosoft, we specialize in connecting businesses with their customers. Whether you’re a small grassroots business or a large franchise or enterprise, we offer custom social media advertising solutions to suit your needs. We’re in the business of making your business stand out from the crowd using the power of social marketing.